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Career Overview

  • I am pursuing a hands-on position as an analyst:  Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, SQA / testing, networking, security, or verification and validation including data analysis or metrics work within any industry.
  • Accomplished and delivered in business and software requirements analysis, as well as data analysis in support of project management, quality assurance, CM, regulatory compliance (FDA, Mil-Spec), and testing (verification and validation).
  • Acquired a wide breadth of software development ex perience in many roles which allows for total objectivity in assessing and improving all IT projects, and recommending successful data integration solutions to SQA challenges.
  • Adapted informal and formal guidelines into exceptional documentation, presentation, staff development, training, and leadership skills. Clarified and authored numerous plans, documents, procedures, standards, policies, guidelines, overviews, assessments, white papers, presentations, reports, and templates.
  • Holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science, as a foundation for SQA and data analysis. CISSP, and Network+ certifictions.



This site is my site for understanding my career and future plans in the IT industry.  I'm using it for experimenting with IIS versions 7 & 8, web construction, security, and testing. 

Consulting Experience

I've been consulting in all manner of IT and system development since 2006.  I've held positions as a software engineer (including maintenance), functional analyst, software design, and QA (white, grey and black box).


Projects 2014

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We Have For This year:

Current data collection

Indications of trouble

Relationships and trends

Future Plans

Investigation and policy relationships

The data continues to pour in daily on worldwide environment, resources, people, and food. We plan on working into means to simply and clarify data as it is interogated.

The relationship of policies across governments to the data and trends is the future work.